When you’re away from your computer and Online Banking isn’t available, you can still access your accounts with telephone access.

Although Online Banking provides the greatest flexibility in managing your finances, Telephone Access provides convenient 24-hour availability to your account information at Advantage FCU.

Through Access Line you can:

  • Transfer to another account number in your name (call your Telephone Service Representatives to set this up; they will link your accounts for you)
  • Determine if checks have already cleared and withdrawals and deposits made
  • Make loan payments (through transfer option)
  • Stop payment on a check

How to Access

A personal identification number (PIN) is required to access your accounts.

To reach Access Line, use a touch-tone phone, dial (585) 454-5900 (ext. 2), or toll-free, (888) 454-AFCU (ext. 2).

It’s Safe

Telephone Access Line has numerous security features so that you can be assured your accounts are safe and secure.

  • The computer issues your PIN. You are the only person who knows what that number is so be sure to keep it in a safe, convenient place. If you lose or forget your personal identification number, it can be reissued.
  • To access your account you must use both your member number and your PIN. You may customize your PIN by pressing 5 at the main menu.
  • All withdrawals are issued by check, must be made payable only to the owner of the account, and must be mailed only to the address on file. Any change of address must be requested by a signed authorization by the owner of the account.

A Few Tips 

Skip Ahead — With telephone Access Line you can skip past the opening message by pressing 1. Just enter your account number and you’re ready to conduct business.

Go Back — Anytime you want to return to the previous menu, press*.