Youth Savings or Checking Account

It’s never too early to start saving for your child’s tomorrow! At Advantage FCU we make it a priority to help educate children to establish saving habits that will carry with them throughout their lives. Visit one of our locations to open an account today.

Prior to opening a Youth account for children 15 and younger, be sure to have your child’s social security number.  Parent or Guardians on the account must provide one of the following documentation listed below.

For ages 16+, you are required to have one of the following documentations:

  • US State Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID
  • Passport

Youth Savings Account Rates

Savings at Every Level!


Family Roo Financial News (formerly known as Lil Kirby Roo) is specifically designed for parents and families. This unique program offers continuously updated content for adults to help educate their children from young adulthood to retirement.

Family Roo contains:

  • Advantage FCU matches up to the first $10.00 at the time of account opening.
  • Online tips for parents on how to make financial education a part of their daily lives with their children.
  • A fun and engaging quarterly newsletter featuring topics such as money management for all ages and more!

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Kirby Kangaroo Club (5 to 12 year olds)

Where kids have fun and learn about savings! This interactive program educates children about budgeting and other important financial topics through stories, games and entertaining activities.

Kirby Kangaroo Club contains:

  • Advantage FCU matches up to the first $10.00 at the time of account opening.
  • A quarterly newsletter teaching kids about the value of their money within’ their AFCU Savings account.
  • Students who bring in their report card to Advantage FCU will be rewarded for their academic achievements!

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Claim Your Youth Culture (13 to 15 year olds)

A teen specific program designed for young members to become educated in their finances. Advantage FCU is pleased to offer a program where young adults are given the opportunity to manage their own money.

Claim Your Youth Culture contains:

  • Advantage FCU matches up to the first $10.00 at the time of account opening.
  • Quarterly newsletter empowering young adults to be in control over their financial future.
  • Student who bring in their report card to Advantage FCU and be rewarded for their academic achievements!

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Optional: Fee Free for Me Checking (16 to 18 year olds)

Those who are 16 years and older are allowed the opportunity to open their very own Checking account at Advantage FCU. Please see above for the following requirements prior to account opening.

This account also introduces the use of debit cards, which we make instantly at our branches.

*Member must come into branch to open a checking account and maintain $5.00 in Primary Share (S1) Account.
The owner of non-AFCU ATM may charge you a fee. ATMs in the Allpoint Network are Surcharge Free.