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Online Banking Upgrade

In our efforts to bring you the best possible online banking experience, we have upgraded our Online Banking services on July 12, 2017.

This enhancement will come with new, user-friendly features, but it also will come with a few important changes that will temporarily affect the way you currently use Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, External Transfers and Member-to-Member Transfers and Scheduled Transfers.

We are committed to minimizing any disruption or concerns this upgrade may cause you, so we have summarized key points and important steps below that will help you easily adapt to the new system and enjoy the enhanced functionality it will bring.

What can I expect?

  • What is the time frame for this upgrade?

    The upgrade requires that Online Banking, Online Bill Pay and Mobile App access will be unavailable from July 10, 2017 to July 11, 2017.

  • make sure you're ready for the new online banking

    Make sure your browser is up to date.

    Recommended Browsers

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari

    Our site is optimized for use with certified/recommended browsers. If you use a different browser, you may not be able to take full advantage of all the features of the site. In addition, if America Online (AOL) is embedded within a certified browser, it is also considered to be supported. Otherwise, AOL is no longer a recommended or supported browser and has not been tested as thoroughly as a recommended browser.

    Be sure to select a recommended or supported version when downloading at the following locations:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer Download:

    Google Chrome:

    Mozilla Firefox Download:

    Safari Download:

  • logging in for the first time

    When you log in to the new system:

    enter your member number and your current password.

    You will be prompted to create a NEW username and a NEW password. Those will be your new credentials to access Online Banking. You must have an email address associated to your Online Banking credentials.

  • Bill Pay Users

    • Please Note: Bills can only be paid from a Checking Account. Payments that are paid out of your savings did not transfer into the new system.
    • Please check to ensure all your bill vendors and payments carried over.
    • If you wish to open a checking account, please call or visit one of our eight locations. 
    • We have systems in place to help ensure that any bill payments you have pre-scheduled out of checking or savings before July 10, 2017 to post during this timeframe will be paid on schedule.
    • You’ll immediately notice the easier navigation and a more user-friendly interface.
    • Please ensure that each payee account name is concise (less than 25 characters) and that you do not use the same nickname for multiple accounts, so this information translates well and is easy to read within the new Bill Pay.
    • If you have bills due while Bill Pay is unavailable from July 10, 2017 to July 11, 2017, be sure to schedule those bills for payment prior to July 10, 2017 to help ensure that they are paid on schedule.
    • Payment processing takes 4 to 10 working days. The main variable in processing time is whether the payee accepts electronic bill payment or requires a physical check. If the vendor does not accept electronic payments, a check will be issued and mailed directly to the vendor.
    • Bill Pay supports payments to all U.S. states, U.S. territories, and U.S. Military bases. Due to the differences/variances in address formats for payees outside of the U.S., Bill Pay doesn’t support any payees with a International or Canadian address. Members must enter a valid United States address.
    • Bill payment cut-off time is 5:00pm Eastern. Members will be displayed the earliest possible Deliver By date in the dynamic calendar.

  • Quicken®, Quickbooks®, or Microsoft® Money User

    Direct Connect allows you to connect transactions and account balances from Quicken®, QuickBooks®, or Microsoft® Money directly to your check register. Account information can be uploaded to the software, where reporting and graphing features can be accessed.

    You will need to modify your Quicken®, Quickbooks®, or Microsoft® Money User settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. Please reference the dates next to each task as this information is time sensitive.

    Check back for more information on how to modify your setting.

  • External Funds Transfers

    If you used External Transfers in the past, you will be required to re-set up your accounts.

    Account-to-Account and Person to Person External Transfers will be replaced with TWO NEW enhanced options!

    • A NEW Account-to-Account External Transfer (Funds Transfer) — where you can easily move money between your accounts with us and other financial institutions! You can set up automatically recurring transfers between financial institutions and choose the speed of the transfer,whether it is the next business day or three business days– the choice is yours. If you have used External Transfer, you will be required to re-set up your accounts.
      • Currently, External Transfers is only available for Checking Accounts.
    • Popmoney® (Pay Other People) — Pay IOUs as easily as sending LOLs! Use just an email address and/or cell phone number to send money. Avoid the hassle of carrying cash or writing checks, while keeping information private with no need to exchange account numbers!
      • Popmoney® replaces our current Person-to-Person Transfer feature, as well as our current Member-to-Member (Internal Accounts) Transfer feature.

    Please Note: Account-to-Account (Funds Transfer) and Popmoney® does consider Puerto Rico as a foreign country because it is a U.S. Territory and not actually within the United States. It restricts the use of Funds Transfer and PopMoney® to domestic locations. You cannot send money to an account or a recipient in a foreign country, receive money from a foreign account, or register for the product if you have a foreign address. They are only available for use between Eligible Transaction Accounts and registered users residing in the United States. Currently, they do not support U.S. owned territories. The reason they do not support Puerto Rico and other territories is a practical one in that they are unable to send SMS messages to those locations. Therefore, recipients in those locations will not receive any SMS notifications around payments/requests, and also if they were to send payments that required OTPs (One Time Passcodes) during risk mitigation/verification, they would not be able to receive those SMS notifications either.

  • Mobile App Banking

    You will be required to delete the old app and download our new app. You must login to Online Banking via a PC before you attempt to login using the Mobile App.

    A sleeker, smarter and better Mobile Banking App for Apple and Android users!

    Access up to 180 days of your transactions where you can check your balance quickly with bold, eye-catching numbers, track multiple accounts easily with clearly defined sections, see minimum payments and due dates at a glance, make transfers right from your account history page, deposit checks with fewer taps and know exactly which bills are being processed for payment!

    Download our new mobile apps now!

  • Visa Payments

    You are still able to make payments to your Advantage Visa card online.

    It is now labeled as Advantage Visa Payment *Savings S99. Your payments will still process the same way, it is just labeled differently.


Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable on Tuesday, April 24 between 10p.m. to 12a.m. due to scheduled maintenance.

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