In our efforts to bring you the best possible online banking experience, we are upgrading our Online Banking services in July.

This enhancement will come with new, user-friendly features, but it also will come with a few important changes that will temporarily affect the way you currently use Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, External Transfers and Member-to-Member Transfers and Scheduled Transfers.

We are committed to minimizing any disruption or concerns this upgrade may cause you, so we have summarized key points and important steps below that will help you easily adapt to the new system and enjoy the enhanced functionality it will bring.


If I am a Bill Pay User, what can I expect?


  • Please Note: Bills can only be paid from a Checking Account. If you have been paying your bills out of your savings account, please go into Online Banking and update those payments to come out of your checking account. Payments that are paid out of your savings will not transfer into the new system.
  • You’ll immediately notice the easier navigation and a more user-friendly interface.
  • Please ensure that each payee account name is concise (less than 25 characters) and that you do not use the same nickname for multiple accounts, so this information translates well and is easy to read within the new Bill Pay.


If I am an External Account-to-Account Transfer, External Person-to-Person Transfer, Member-to-Member Transfer or Money HQ User, what can I expect? 


  • Account-to-Account and Person to Person External Transfers will be replaced with TWO NEW enhanced options!
    • A NEW Account-to-Account External Transfer — where you can easily move money between your accounts with us and other financial institutions!
      • Save time with no need to visit branches or write checks.
      • Schedule automatic, recurring transfers for a simple savings plan.
      • Control your money from one dashboard – fast and easy.
    •  Popmoney® (Pay Other People) — Pay IOUs as easily as sending LOLs!
      • Use just an email address and/or cell phone number to send money.
      • Avoid the hassle of carrying cash or writing checks, while keeping information private with no need to exchange account numbers!
      • Popmoney® replaces our current Person-to-Person Transfer feature, as well as our current Member-to-Member (Internal Accounts) Transfer feature.


If I use Scheduled Transfers, what can I expect? 


  • This feature will still be available; please verify all your scheduled transfers are correct after the upgrade takes place.


If I am a Mobile Banking App User, what can I expect?


  • A sleeker, smarter and better Mobile Banking App for Apple and Android users!
    • Access up to 180 days of your transactions where you can check your balance quickly with bold, eye-catching numbers, track multiple accounts easily with clearly defined sections, see minimum payments and due dates at a glance, make transfers right from your account history page, deposit checks with fewer taps and know exactly which bills are being processed for payment!
    • Once we launch our new mobile app, we will notify you to delete the old app to download the new.


Before the enhancements, please update your contact information. 


To ensure that you receive all notifications and instructions related to this change, it is critical that we have your most up-to-date contact information on file.


Please review your contact information by:
1. Logging into Online Banking
2. Hover over the tab “Options”
3. Select “Update Personal Information”

If this information is not correct, please update it by:
1. Update changes to your information
2. Select “Ok”
If you receive an error message regarding your mailing or residential address, please make sure you are only using your FIVE digit zip code.



While we are confident that our new Online Banking services will enhance your overall online banking experience, we apologize for any short-term inconvenience the upgrade may cause you. We are here to answer any questions, so please feel free to contact us at 585-454-5900 during business hours.


Thank you for choosing Advantage Federal Credit Union and we look forward to bringing you an even richer online banking experience in the coming weeks.