Mobile Check Deposit for Apple users on iOS 16:

We are aware of a recent issue with Mobile Check Deposit in app on iOS 16. When attempting to deposit a check, at the point in the workflow where the member is prompted to take a photo of the front of the check, the app displays a message “Rotate your device to continue your deposit.”

If the member attempts to rotate to the left (where the text would show right-side up), the message will continue to display. If the user rotates their device to the right (where the text shows upside-down), the camera function opens and the user can continue with their deposit. Please note that this issue only applies to users running iOS 16.

Work-around: Members should rotate their device to the right in order to complete their RDC image capture.
If there were a local or national emergency or any other notifications for our members, it would be noted on this Member Notifications page.

Power Outage Policy

  • Gates, Mt. Hope and Penfield branches will remain open on generators. ATM’s will still work at these three locations.
  • There are also over 5,000+ branches nationwide that are part of the Shared Branching Network.
  • Access to Allpoint ATM Network-Use 55,000+ NATIONWIDE; 200+ LOCALLY ATMs.
  • All phone messages will be updated. 585.454.5900