We are receiving reports from members that they are receiving texts, emails, or phone calls claiming to be someone at Advantage Federal Credit Union asking for personal information, passwords or codes. This IS NOT US. This is FRAUD.


If someone contacts you claiming to be Advantage asking for a password or a code, DO NOT answer them, give any personal information, or click any links. Please hang up and call us at 585.454.5900, X5. After hours, please leave a message.

Advantage FCU advises our members against filling out any social media quizzes that may be collecting personal information. Personal information such as pet’s name, school you attended, first car, etc., could be used in hacking attempts to answer security questions on your accounts.

Advantage Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing you with products and services that are not only convenient, but secure.

For security, we are using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and required Multifactor Authentication to ensure a safe operating environment. We also employ advanced firewall technology to protect all of our data from invasion by anyone outside of the credit union.

e-Alerts and e-Notices

With e-Alerts and e-Notices through our Online Banking services you can receive REAL TIME alerts for both text and email. We help stop fraud fast.

Important Security Tip – we will NEVER contact you to ask you for your account number or other personal information by email, phone, or text message.

It is important that you never respond to phone calls, text messages, or emails that ask you to provide, validate, or update any account information.

Your personal information is highly valuable and Advantage FCU makes it our priority to encourage our members to take precautions when giving such information out. Knowing how to protect your information is important especially in today’s technologically advanced world.

The Federal Trade Commission published tips on how you can protect yourself from online hackers including:

For more information visit: www.consumer.ftc.gov.

Latest Security & Fraud Protection Updates

Hurricane-Related Scams

CISA warns users to remain on alert for malicious cyber activity targeting potential disaster victims and charitable donors following a hurricane. Fraudulent emails—often containing malicious links or attachments—are common after major natural disasters.

Security Recommendations in Online Banking

Digital security is more important now than ever before. Advantage FCU recommends following these simple tips to keep yourself secure online.

Alerts can protect you from overdraft fees!

Use real time alerts to know when:
Your account falls below $50
When your direct deposit goes through
If an unusually large charge is being made to your account
And more!