Conventional Mortgages as of April 24, 2018
ProgramsRateAPR*Est. Payment/$1,000
30 Year Fixed5.125%5.392%$5.44
25 Year Fixed5.125%5.430%$5.92
20 Year Fixed4.875%5.233%$6.53
15 Year Fixed4.625%5.078%$7.71
10 Year Fixed4.625%5.274%$10.42
10/1 Year Adjustable4.375%4.36%$4.99
5/1 Year Adjustable4.125%4.32%$4.85
1/1 Year Adjustable3.50%4.22%$4.49

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Facts

*Adjustable=30 Years
*Estimate includes principal and interest only.
**The rates are for loans in the range of $35,000 to $417,000. Owner-occupied 1-4 family properties within New York State only. ** All Annual Percentage Rates are based on a 20% down payment and amortized over the maximum term. Other options available.
APR=Annual Percentage Rate
APY=Annual Percentage Yield