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Advantage Federal Credit Union, with the help from our members, gives back!

This September, AFCU donated $2,500 to the Friends of Highland, based on our Debit Card Giveback program.  Since 2012, we have given back over $20,000 to Friends of Highland.

How can you help?   Every time you swipe your AFCU Highland Debit card, the credit union earns a bit of interchange income which in turn we donate a portion back to Friends of Highland. We currently have affiliates with seven (7) charities.  For a complete list or to apply for the debit card program please click on https://www.advantagefcu.org/accounts/account-services/debit-cards/.

All debit cards are made on site at one of our branches.

We can replace lost or stolen debit cards on the spot at any branch.

Purchase Rewards are available through Online Banking, check out the retailers offering cash back for purchases you make every day!