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Posted by CU Insight on February 23,2017 by Wendy Bignon

The Academy Awards are this Sunday and for anyone who’s a movie buff, the Oscars are a time for taking in the glamour of Hollywood’s most notable talents. For those on a tight budget, it can be difficult to catch all the latest films when they’re released. As we all know, a trip to the movie theater can cost you an arm and a leg. Here are a few helpful tips for supporting a love for movies while balancing a tricky budget.

Cleanse your collection

With the current selection of streaming services available, how often do you actually go through your DVD collection and watch something you already own? You may revisit your favorites from time to time but unlike the days when running out and buying the newest release was the norm, today we can easily find and stream what we want to watch without investing in a hard copy. For all your unwanted DVDs, look into selling them through Fulfillment by Amazon, a service that allows you to ship your movies and sell them through the site. Amazon will take just a portion of the profits made, but they handle all fulfillment and shipping needs for anyone that orders from you.

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