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Since 2016, Advantage FCU has given back $14,000 to the Margaret’s House Child Care at RIT. This year, the staff purchased a musical flower to enhance Roberta’s Playground which is located at the center.
You can help give back just by using your RIT Card. We currently have affiliates with seven (7) charities. For a complete list or to apply for the debit card program please click here. https://www.advantagefcu.org/accounts/account-services/debit-cards/.
Additional benefits of our debit card program:

  • New and replacement Debit cards are made instantly, on site at any one of our seven branches.
  • Purchase Rewards are available through Online Banking, check out the retailers offering cash back for purchases you make every day!
  • Go Card-less. Add your favorite Advantage debit or credit card to your digital wallet for contactless payments. To learn how: https://www.advantagefcu.org/e-services/digital-wallet/