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Since 2014, Advantage FCU has given back over $17,000 to the Youth Apprentice Program. The Youth Apprentice Program at Rochester Regional Health gives Rochester City School District students an opportunity to succeed and achieve a career in healthcare.

You can help give back just by using your RGH Card. We donate a portion back to the Youth Apprentice Program. We currently have affiliates with seven (7) charities. For a complete list or to apply for the debit card program please click here. https://www.advantagefcu.org/accounts/account-services/debit-cards/.

Additional benefits of our debit card program:

  • New and replacement Debit cards are made instantly, on site at any one of our seven branches.
  • Purchase Rewards are available through Online Banking, check out the retailers offering cash back for purchases you make every day!

Go Card-less.  Add your favorite Advantage debit or credit card to your digital wallet for contactless payments.  To learn how: https://www.advantagefcu.org/e-services/digital-wallet/