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Review Your Stimulus Check Status with the IRS here.

Q: “How will I know when I get my government check?”

A: Enable online alerts! We’ll let you know when it arrives.

Are you already an online banking user? 

Just login to your online banking and go to the eServices tab. Then click Alerts -> Manage Alerts and turn on Payroll/ACH Credits. You can then put in a dollar amount at which you’ll be alerted.  You can be alerted anytime a deposit is made over the amount you enter.

You can be notified by email or by text message.  To check your settings, click Settings, and make sure you have the correct information listed under email and/or SMS (text).  If you enter or change your phone number you will receive a verification alert.  You must verify your cell phone in order to receive your text messages.

Not an online banking user yet?

Click here or click “First Time User?” on our home page to sign up today!

You can then follow the above steps.