System Upgrade
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Technology Upgrade

December 5-7

Your Guide to What You Need to Know
+ How to Prepare

What Does This Mean To You?

We are doing technology upgrades to give you the best products and services to make banking with us as simple, convenient, and safe as possible.

We will continue to communicate with you on new features and benefits.

The following services will be unavailable
Saturday, Dec. 5 – Monday, Dec. 7


• Saturday, December 5th
• Sunday, December 6th
• Monday, December 7th


• Friday, December 4th after 6 pm
• Saturday, December 5th
• Sunday, December 6th
• Monday, December 7th

Your ATM, debit, and credit cards will be uninterrupted.

Online Recurring Transfers

Online recurring transfers that you have set up for December 5-6 will process on Monday, December 7.

Direct Deposits & Payroll Deductions

Direct Deposit will not be affected.

Auto Bill Pay

Bill Pay will not be affected. Scheduled bill payments will go out on Friday or Monday as scheduled.

Improvements To Your Statements

All statements and notices will have a new and enhanced look. You will receive 2 statements in one envelope for your December month end statement. One statement will show transactions from 12/1-12/4 and a second statement with the remainder of the month.

New Names For Your Banking Services

Old NameNew Name
S80008 Checking
S20002 Secondary Savings
I20002 12-17 Month Certificate
L300030 New Auto Loan

What to Expect after Monday, December 7

Even if you visit the branch regularly you will be asked to show ID / Driver’s License so that we may update what we have on file.
There may be higher than normal wait times in the branches and on the phone during the first few weeks.

We appreciate your patience.

All branches will reopen Tuesday, December 8.

• Weekend Night Drops will be processed Monday, December 7.
• You can still write checks.
• You can still use our ATMs.

AFCU System Upgrades

October 26, 2020

Dear Member,

This is a year of many changes, and as you may or may not know- we are in the process of undergoing some system upgrades. This has been in the works for a while and it will improve overall efficiencies and lay the groundwork for future technological advancements.

What does this mean to you?

Our team is doing everything we can to make sure there is as minimal change as possible in how you manage your accounts. Please be reassured we have been working for months behind the scenes with both internal staff and our technology vendors to minimize any service disruptions.
Our overall goal is to give you the best products and services and to make banking with us as simple and as convenient as possible. You, our members are our priority.

Please watch for emails and letters with more detailed information in the upcoming weeks or visit our website for updates.

Our team is doing everything we can to prepare for this upgrade, and you can help by keeping current with information that you will be receiving.

BRANCHES WILL BE CLOSED: Saturday December 5th through Monday December 7th.

• Access to Online, Mobile and Telephone Banking (voice response) will be
• ATM, Debit and Credit Cards will function as they normally do, but you will NOT be able to do an ATM balance inquiry.

Thank you for being a member and thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Advantage!

Jeff Bocach
President & CEO


October 15, 2020

You will be getting various communications from us in the weeks to come as to our upcoming system upgrade set to take place on December 7, 2020.

Please pay close attention to all communication about this.

This letter is specifically concerning your overdraft line of credit account. Effective December 7, 2020, the following terms will apply to your overdraft line of credit account with us.

Important Changes to Your Account Terms

The following is a summary of changes that are being made to your account terms. Please see the information below this table for additional information.

We are making changes to your overdraft line of credit. These changes will be effective on December 7, 2020. These changes will impact your account as follows:

Transactions made on or after 12/07/2020: As of 12/17/2020, any transactions that you
conduct will be charged the APR described below. Interest will accrue from the date of the transaction.

Existing Balance as of 12/07/2020: On 12/07/2020, the APR described below will apply to all past and future transactions on your Overdraft Line of Credit. This means that the APR described below will apply to any existing balance on 12/07/2020.

Revised Terms, as of 12/07/2020

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Cash
Penalty Fee
Late Payment Fee
Annual Fee$0.00
Due Date: The 20th of every month
Late Payment Fee: $20.00 on the 16th day after your due date

Please contact us at 585-454-5900, x5 if you have any questions regarding these changes.